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ADS is your complete technology solution for TAB, manufacturing, and mid-sized companies. From database development and Microsoft automation to crucial IT support, we have the experience and know-how to keep your business running at peak performance.

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Who We Are

Ameritech Data Solutions provides world-class hardware, software and data management solutions along with exceptional IT support for your business. We support our manufacturing, TAB, environmental, and corporate clients from our main office in beautiful Hickory, North Carolina.

Our company was originally founded in the year 2000 as Ameritech Computer Consultants. Since then, ADS has evolved into a complete managed services provider, innovative software developer, and your source for technology hardware.

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Why Choose Ameritech Data Solutions?

ADS uses technology to minimize routine business operations. Our software solutions integrate with the Microsoft-based apps you already know and can be customized to fit your unique needs.

We complete your operations picture with database development, Microsoft automation and crucial IT support services.

Our Mission

At its heart, Ameritech does not sell computers, tech support, or even software. We provide ways to make our clients’ jobs easier. The technology we offer is simply the tool we use to make that happen.

Where Data & Ideas Come Together

  • Data: The core technology and information needed to run your business.

  • Ideas: Services and products designed to improve your business operations.

  • Come Together: Partnering with our clients to connect the elements that make your business run effectively.

Simplify Your Business

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