Efficent Lab Testing with LABopts

LABopts is the solution to increasing productivity and growing your environment testing business.

From upstream testing to FOG management, LABopts gives you the freedom and control you need to log and report results for environmental testing. If you need on-to-go decision-making capabilites and automatic reports, our LABopts system is the solution for your business.

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TAB Project Manager

Collect, report and review your LAB results.

Simplify your tasks.

  • Water & Environmental Testing

  • Violation Notices

  • Test Results Reporting

  • Dispatching

  • On-Site Management

Maximize efficiency.

  • On-Site Results Comparison

  • Samples Management

  • Inspection Scheduling

  • Testing Device Management

LABopts Simplifies Environment Testing

LABopts Water Testing Software

Collect Data in the Field

Whatever sector of environment testing you operate in, LABopts has the solution for you. From eDMR, pretreatment and FOG management to waste and drinking water reporting, our software gives you the power to report your test and lab results.

Laboratory Operations Software

Manage Your Lab

Schedule new on-site technician visits or report inconsistencies in your month-to-month results.

Manage your back-flow and paired testing devices and certified testers.

Generate notice or violation letters in an instant for quick problem resolutions.

Environmental Data Solutions

Share Data with Your Team

Send and receive reports to your device with LABopts software.

Generate reports on testing and client updates to send to in-the-field employees or lab technicians.

Compare lab notes and inspection notes on-site through the LABopts software.

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Our module-based software lets you manage your entire company with the same Microsoft Office® tools you already use. Direct integration with MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word, & MS Outlook.

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