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Generate professional HVAC testing, adjustment & balance documentation in the field or at the office. TABopts Reporting 2020 is the TAB industry’s only customizable reporting solution.

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TabOpts Reporting 2020

Purpose-Built for TAB Firm Reporting

Consistent, Professional Reports

  • Sync All Your Data in One Place

  • Pre-Engineer Sheets

  • Cloud-Based with Self-Contained Data

  • Export Data to MS Office Templates

  • 100% Customizable

Easy Integration

  • Works with MS Office and Office 365

  • Support & Updates Included

  • Integrates with TABopts Software

  • NEBB-Compliant Sheets Included

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Created Specifically for Your TAB Business

TABopts Reporting 2020 was designed based on more than 20 years of input from our TAB customers.

TABopts Reporting 2020 synchronizes work by TAB firm field techs, project coordinators, and managers in the back office to deliver critical data to your clients with minimal effort.

Effectively pre-engineer sheets for your field techs, capture readings directly on-site, and sync everything to the cloud for report validation. Plus, you can even import your own data sheets or start with our NEBB-compliant sheets.

TABopts Module-Based Operations Software

Pre-Engineered Sheets

Prepare your data sheets before sending techs into the field to ensure every piece of data you need is collected on-site.

Import your own data sheets or start with our NEBB-compliant sheets to get up and running in a flash.

TABopts Job Management

No Internet? No problem.

Don’t waste time chasing down your client’s wifi password. Reporting 2020 lets you store data on your device and sync up when you’re connected to the home office.

TABopts Reporting

Easy to Use

Just like TABopts, Reporting 2020 works with the MS Office software you already know. You can also collect data directly from Dwyer Hoods & Instruments, instantly de-duplicate records, and seamlessly integrate with other Ameritech Data Solutions software.

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We Work with the Apps You Already Know

Our module-based software lets you manage your entire company with the same Microsoft Office® tools you already use. Direct integration with MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word, & MS Outlook.

Microsoft Compatible Business Operations Software

Exclusive Features for TAB Data Reporting

Work Online or Offline

TABOpts Reporting 2020 has two operating modes, Office and Field.

You can connect directly to the cloud and deploy changes instantly to all users or collect data offline and sync up later.

Cloud Hosted Option

  • MS Azure Cloud Data Storage

  • Built-In Security

  • Instant Scalability

  • Geo-Specific Timecoding

  • 7 to 21-Day Data Backups Available

Self-Hosted Option

Prefer to keep it all in-house? No problem.

You can host your Reporting 2020 data container in your own environment on your own equipment.

Data Security

  • Admins Control Who Sees What

  • Restrict Information by Department

  • Set Individual Permissions

  • Control Access to Apps & Features

Auto-Save & Conflict Resolution

  • Save & Synchronize Data Manually or Automatically

  • Allow multiple employees to collect information at the same time without overwriting your data.

TABopts Reporting 2020

Simplify Your TAB Reporting

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