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We remove the overhead of an in-house IT team so you can have the tech support you want without the high price tag.

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Comprehensive Managed Services by Ameritech Data Solutions

Stay updated on the latest efficiency technologies at an affordable monthly price. Ameritech delivers the experience of an on-site IT team without the expensive costs of maintaining one.

Business Computer Networking

On-Site Maintenance

Remote Tech Support

Phone Support

Remote IT Troubleshooting

Remote Troubleshooting

All of Ameritech’s managed IT support services, readily available to you.

On-Site Maintenance

Scheduled IT Support Visits to Reduce Downtime

IT downtime is severely damaging to company production and efficiency. It’s no good to have employees sitting around waiting for the network or server to come back online so they can continue their work. Our proactive approach to managed IT services means you’re not waiting until an emergency to call us; we’re already performing maintenance to prevent it.

Tech is changing constantly, and Ameritech is there to tell you when it’s time to keep up with the trends. With affordable PC, network, and server upgrades, you can focus on your operations while we make sure your tech is top-notch.

Business IT Services

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