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Ameritech Data Solutions specializes in IT and operations software for TAB, manufacturing and government municipality clients throughout the United States.

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Ameritech has successfully helped us to automate and streamline our day to day operations, specifically in the area of technology upgrades. From estimating to project management, many of our procedures are now more efficient due to the changes suggested and implemented by ACC. This increased efficiency has given us the ability to be more productive, therefore positively benefiting our company.

BJ Link, TBE – United Testing & Balancing Inc.

Derek has been taking care of all my computer needs & problems, both business and personal for many years. He LISTENS to what you say. He implements the programming based what you have said but also adds his personal vision to it. The programming is always better than you ever thought it would be .And most important…if you have a crisis, Derek is ALWAYS there. Derek CARES ABOUT HIS CLIENTS.

Connie M. Dees, President – Troy S. Malpass & Son, Inc

I am finding more and more use for TABopts every day. I am amazed at how powerful the application can be and I have no hesitation in recommending it to others that are attempting to do the right thing in regards to increase your profits.

David Pickard

I used to conduct frantic searches for files and paperwork every time a phone call or email came in on a job not happening that same day…well it seemed so anyways. Now I know with confidence that if we need information on any job, any time, it is there digitally, easily searchable, and available at our fingertips – we have redefined “putting something in the file”. Our project managers now have so many more tools accessible to them whether it be time, personnel, report, tools, or instrument tracking, they have it all at their disposal. Thank you Ameritech for bringing us out of the dark ages.

Jim Kelleher, Vice President – Metro Test and Balance, Inc.

When we first contacted Ameritech, we were using a program which had many flaws and one which we had also outgrown. It no longer provided us with the tools necessary to run our company at the level needed. Ameritech came in and observed our daily production activities and ask us to determine how we wanted our business software to perform. They then used all the info gathered and provided us with exactly what was needed now and with room to grow for the future. It has made a tremendous difference in the daily functions of our business. They have always been available when we needed assistance and have even stopped by from time to time just to see if everything was working properly. Using Ameritech was a solid business decision for Direction Furniture Company and we look forward to being associated with them well into the future.

JB Costner, Plant Manager – Direction Furniture Company

Prior to incorporating Ameritech’s TABopts program we were using Access, Excel, Word and Outlook as separate functions. With TABopts, our flow of work is more seamless. Our above and beyond approach to business created the people at Ameritech many headaches as they had to adapt the program to our way of doing things verses their standard “out of the box package.” Derek Hedrick is extremely patient and accommodating, but most of all he is fair. We are getting ready to make more changes in our forms and procedures and I am confident that Ameritech will adapt the changes to the system and make them work for us. I love being able to go to a job and find everything you need on that job in one place. In a small business you wear many hats or at least we do. TABopts helps us with the constant transitions from bids to jobs and back because we have it all in one place. No more opening five programs to get one answer for a customer. We have come to rely on TABopts.

Shelly Graham, Assistant to W. Carson Judge, President - Bay To Bay Balancing

Before we started using TABopts, our annual numbers were just a guess. Now, with TABopts reports, we save money.

Lisa Smith

We use an Access Database for Warranty tracking and data extraction, Ameritech Computer Consultants updated our system from Access 97 to 2013 with very quick turnaround. Ameritech on short notice was able to mirror our Warranty Database and remotely install it at another one of our offices. The install went very smooth they had great support over the phone everything went off without a glitch, we are very impressed by Ameritech and look forward to working with them in the future.

Josh Keene, Operations Manager – ACCO Engineered Systems

Who We Work With

TAB Business Software

Test & Balance (TAB) Firms

TAB, or Testing, Adjusting and Balancing firms monitor and maintain HVAC systems in large buildings and facilities.

From monitoring air pressure to adjusting dampers and valves, our TABopts software is there to help every step of the way. Whether your company specializes in small-scale environments or large sky-scraping towers in the city, Ameritech’s TABopts software helps manage your testing, adjusting, and balance firm data and operations.

TAB Business Solutions

Manufacturing & Industrial Clients

Inventory management, resource planning, cost analysis, employee time, payroll and more. Our MyTABTime software and manufacturing apps help grow businesses through intuitive processes.

See how Ameritech supports manufacturing and industrial companies through comprehensive business technology support.

Industrial Operations Solutions
Modular-Bases TAB Software
Lab Technician

Testing Labs & Environmental Firms

Local governments and small municipalities have limited resources and a lot of responsibilities.

LABopts helps take the pressure off employees in local government services by supplying a software that assists and hosts bevy of water, waste and land management operations.

Environmental Solutions

Businesses Like Yours

Your company is unique, and so are your needs. We break the mold in traditional business operation software by creating a customizable service package to assist businesses like yours overcome business operation obstacles.

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