Water & Environmental Testing

The safety of your local drinking water depends on accurate lab results and the software to precisely analyze your extracted data. Your decisions are based on important ecological data to protect the people who live in those areas.

Ameritech’s LABopts software was designed for water and environmental testing organizations to monitor, track, and make informed decision about your local environment.

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Accurate testing, precise results, informed decisions.

Gather samples, analyze data, make decisions.

LABopts gives municipalities and environmental testing firms the power to analyze samples, issue violations and track results all in one place.

When it comes to environment testing, time is important. LABopts is designed to send and recieve real-time reports so decisions can be made accordingly. Schedule on-site inspection visits and manage testing devices on LABopts software to make day-to-day operations efficient and productive. Track inspections and technicians and send last-minute notes to ensure accurate and non-bias results reporting. Recieve lab results as soon as they’re ready and compile accurate and precise reports on the results.

You’re ready for a new way to handle your environmental testing firm and give your clients the confidence to trust your results.

Water Treatment Plant
  • Foods, Oil & Grease Data

  • Waste Water Treatment Plant Data Management

  • Municipality & Local Government Operations Support

  • Backflow & Quality Control

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